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Zora Citizen Tv Actors/Cast Real Names.

Zora Citizen Tv Actors


We have a list of some of the Zora Citizen tv actors, but not all although we will update more names together with their salaries as we get to know Zora actors/cast well.

Zora show is about betrayal, deceit and more on false information.

Some of the Zora Show Actors include:

Sarah Hassan(Tanya Tahidi High),

Jackie Matubia (Joleen Tahidi High),

Angel Atieno Okoth (singer and a dancer)

Sinyor Kasuku ( lawyer)

Bridget Shighadi(Sofia in Maria),

Blessing Lungaho (Mejja in Maria),

Neema Suluhu (Binti in Aziza),

Quincy Ando(Thomas in Maria),

Robert Agengo,

Eunice David (business lady),

Patrick Gatimu Munene ,

Brenda Mitchelle ( business lady)

Alice Mbeyu (business lady),

Ryan Mwenda among others.

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