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What you need to be a Kenyan Bodyguard.


Oftenly we’ve been always asked on how somebody can become a kenyan bodyguard? It is not that easy as it may sound or the way you may think or that quick. Numerous considerations are being taken before becoming a bodyguard.

A Bodyguard is a person or a group of people whose job is to protect someone special from any attack.

All you need to be a Kenyan Bodyguard.

To be a bodyguard you require specific traits and skill set to be a bodyguard. You can’t just be a bodyguard just because you have been watching a couple of movies, if that is the reason then the job will not fit you. A close protection is much more about intelligence and planning than muscles or guns.

So what does it take to be a Kenyan Bodyguard

You need to be always Punctual.

Be patient.

Be selfless.

Always being commited.

And an ability to stay alert always.

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If you are always late no matter how many alarms you have been setting, then the probabilty together with the chances, are very low for you to be a Kenyan Bodyguard.


Many couple of hours are being spent waiting for the BOSS to move, leave the house, finish the meeting, leaving a social event. All of which you need to be static for you to be considered for the time.


You will be working for long hours often with little sleep and not very much food, often putting the BOSS needs before yours also before your family members.

At some point you will be required to put yourself in harm’s way to prevent your BOSS from getting injured or killed.


You must always be commited to your BOSS and employer be it a security company.

Close protection

Personal fitness

If you are unfit you can’t take such kind of job. Higher level of personal fitness will help you stay alert always.

Courses offered to bodyguards

  • Foot/walking drills.
  • Interpersonal skills.
  • Operational planning.
  • Roles and responsibilities of bodyguard.
  • Searching and search techniques.
  • Vehicles movements and vehicles tactics.
  • Route selection and planning.
  • Reconnaissance.
  • Threat assesment and risk management.
  • Conflict management.
  • First Aid qualification.
  • Law and Legislation.
  • Surveillance and surveillance awareness.

For more information about being a bodyguard please visit us.

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