U.S Secret service agent david cho
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U.S Secret Service Agent David Cho.


While we’re busy, did you see this Korean-American Secret Service specialist yesterday during the initiation? His name is David CHO, and the POTUS picked him to lead his security detail!

US Secret Service Agent David Cho will fill in as the specialist responsible for President Biden’s detail. Specialist Cho got the Exceptional Service Gold Medal in 2019. Another first and memorable second for Korean Americans.
David Cho is profoundly regarded in the Secret Service organization.

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A stickler. Got an honor for arranging security with N Korean authorities.
He was the second in order at the Trump White House. Presently he’s head of Biden’s detail. In 2019, Trump’s Dept of Homeland Security respected him with a gold decoration for uncommon assistance. He likewise served in the Obama organization.
All the best to this man and the remainder of the United States Secret Service PPD.

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