Top 10 Agribusiness Ideas to Start This Year in Kenya

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Dairy Farming

If you can be able to get a nice plot outside Nairobi, City, you can be able to have a good number of cattle. The good thing that you can do is to make sure that you get the good milk producing cattle, and once you do that you will be able to get a good source of regular milk. You can be able to get orders from big companies and sell to them.

Top 10 Agribusiness Ideas to Start This Year in Kenya
Top 10 Agribusiness Ideas to Start This Year in Kenya

Dairy farming is a lucrative idea, since most of the peaople in this country love drinking tea, yorghut and not forgetting meat or ‘nyama choma’.

Fish Farming

It goes without saying that the sources of fish farming in Kenya, are slowly going down because there are fewer fresh water lakes in the country, even Lake Victoria has a very big problem with water hycinth. So as a private farmer you can actually you can start your own fish pond weather small or big, and you will have started making money with the business.

The advantage of fish farming is that some of the buyers come to you farm when told that the fish is ready for consumption. The buyers might help you with harvesting you won’t use any penny to transport them to the market.

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A fish can cost Ksh.500, so if you can keep them for a while you can be able to make a very big profit.

Vegetable Farming

The staple food here in Kenya is ugali and sukuma, so planting vegetables will get you into the homes of so many customers. There are some farmers eho sell the vegetables to the supermarkets and they get well paid. Some do sell them at the backside of their vehicles mostly on busy highways.

If you want to get into vegetable farming you can also do green house, I have seen alot of people transporting tomatoes and cabbages with lorries just from their rural homes to the towns, and the make good money out of it.

Bee Keeping

Mostly when you are traveling to Mombasa you will reach a place called Mitito Andei and you won’t miss people selling quality honey. It is a good business since bees doesn’t have alot of work like the others. Bees are good pollinators, and they make honey by pulling pollen from one plant and bringing it back to their hive.

Top 10 Agribusiness Ideas to Start This Year in Kenya
Top 10 Agribusiness Ideas to Start This Year in Kenya

If you do it good you can actually make a good profit from it. The challenges of the business is that some of the farmers get greedy and they sell low quality honey to the people, which makes the customer feel unsatisfied. If you sell genuine honey i know you may sell just from Nairobi to Mutito Andei.

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Poultry Farming

Top 10 Agribusiness Ideas to Start This Year in Kenya

Dairy Farming and Poultry can be done together. Poultry farming is good mostly when you do the grade chicken farming, you can build the a structure more easily where they can stay. They can make you a decent profit every two months if you are doing broilers but if you are doing layers you can stay with them for one and half years to two years and they lay for artlist a year and you bring your money back.

Pig Farming

You all know the company called the farmers choice! Yes one of their biggest product is pork and if you are a pig farmer the goodness of a pig is that it doesn’t need special kind of food so long as you just give them food.

You can get connected with the big company the farmers choice, they can come and buy pigs from you and pay you well. However the pigs likes a very dirty place to play. You can just have a particular pen where they can just go and feel that they are having fun.

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Goat and Sheep Farming

You can just find a peace of land and keep the goat and the sheep, the goat does not need alot of grass so it can just stay in a dry area in a period of time. You probably need one or two people to manage for you and you will be good to go.

Bull Rearing

Bull are kept specifically for meat as we earlier said in the dairy farming. You can buy a calve and keep it for some few months so that it can be ripe for meat, then sell it to the butcher or slaughterhouse and you get paid handsomely. You can get upto 100 kilos from one bull so it is a good business to invest in.

Top 10 Agribusiness Ideas to Start This Year in Kenya

Animal Feed Production

When you produce animal feeds all the farmers will be coming to you to sell them the feeds or you can also deliver to them for great service.

Fruit Farming

You can simply choose from whichever fruit you want to do depending on the place you stay.

Get a fruit that usually has either one season a year or two seasons a year you can actually make good profit.

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