The Masai Lifestyle

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The Masaai people are the only community in Kenya that is trying very hard to hold on to their culture. They live in the north west part of Kenya. Due to increase in population, some are also found in Tanzania. They are Nilotic speakers. Masai li9festyle is one that is diverse, interesting and sometimes outright primitive. This is what makes people from all walks of life; visit Kenya to learn something from these very friendly people. Masaai are traditionally monotheistic and believe in there God, Enkai. Today, most of them have become Christians and a few of them Muslims.
The Masaai lifestyle and culture is maintained by strict cultural beliefs and practices. When a child is born, it is not recognized for the first 3 moons (months) due to the high infant mortality rate. The child if it is a girl is taught how to help the other women in the homestead to cook milk and maintain the shelters they live in. If a boy, most of the time is spent playing and looking after calves and lambs. The boy child undergoes ritual beating to test for courage and perseverance every now and then.

The women are the ones who do most of the work. They build the shelters, milk cows and fed for the family. The men are left to guard over the clan and decide on important issues concerning the family and clan depending on ones age group. Circumcision is performed every 15 years or so to promote the boys aged between 12 and 25 to junior morans. This is a ritual that is done without anesthetic and a show of pain or fear on the boys brings dishonor to the family.

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