Stevo Simple Boy reveals he was once accused of sexual assault, jailed for a week

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Stevo Simple Boy 

Fast-rising rapper, Stevo Simple Boy has revealed he once spent time behind bars after a former friend accused him of sexual assault.

Speaking during an interview with comedian Oga Obinna, the Tuheshimu Ndoa crooner said the lady in question had a crush on him but never made her intentions clear. She allegedly made up a story that the rapper had sexually assaulted her, something Stevo says was a tactic to make herself famous.

“There is a day I spent time behind bars after some lady accused me of rape. If you ask me I think she just wanted to ride on my fame and become a celebrity. It happened a really long time ago. That girl was a friend of mine, I didn’t know she was eyeing me but didn’t tell me and felt lying was the best way to get attention,” he said.

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The young lady is said to have confided in her mother with the information to which her mother immediately looked for Stevo and took both him and her daughter to hospital for testing only for it to be realized she was lying.

 “We were all living in Kibera. We were used to each other.  In fact, our families knew each other. She told her mother I raped her and her mother became infuriated. She came for me and took us to hospital to determine if she was indeed raped and it was found out that she had lied,” he narrated.

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However, by the time the results were coming out, Stevo had already been apprehended and ended up spending a week behind bars despite his innocence.

“By that time I had already been put behind bars and because no one believed my innocence I spent a week locked up although I was later released,” he concluded.

Stevo once claimed that his relationship with Pritty Vishy ended after he refrained from engaging in premarital intercourse.

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“Yes Pritty Vishy left me because I declined to engage in premarital intercourse. She did not want to listen to me and said I was too saved so she left for another man. Intercourse should be engaged with by married people only not playing around with anyone,” Stevo said during a previous interview with Eve Mungai.

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