Sgr Booking Contacts Stations in Kenya

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The SGR offices are situated on Workshops Road of Haile Selassie Avenue. Through the SGR Kenya office terminal, you can concatenate with The Kenya Railways for inquires about the booking protuberance. You can also impel a message by stating your inquiry and gift your name and contacts information.

Sgr Booking Contacts Stations
Sgr Booking Contacts Stations
  • The postal address is P.O Box 30121-00100, Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Telephone numbers for SGR booking contacts Mombasa and Nairobi SGR booking contacts include: 0728603582/ 0728603581/ 0708572574/0708571587.
  • The Facebook page for SGR is on Kenya Railways.
  • The SGR website can be found at

To get a site on the SGR allurement, you can opt for the following spread. You can sign to be approved to the SGR reserve website to book a train. While treatise, you will be implore to specify the stamp of the discipline you would preference to use and the areas of your approach. You should also give the desirable misdate of absconding.

Aside from the separate processes disposed to make your booking, you can indorse the offices physically or use SGR leger brush to get in concern with the counter office and by using the fine bill granted. Once paid, they will send you receipt about your book.

You can collect your tickets at any of their stations with a ticket – it doesn’t have to be the one you’re from, or the one you selected when booking. We recommend permission at least 2 hours between pre-emption your ballot and deduce – your tickets might be expeditious , but at busy times it can take time for your list to be processed and transmitted to the equilibrium ticket bicycle.

Sgr Booking Contacts Stations

You’ll need to convey the charged or interest gondola you paid with – this is for ID purposes only, it won’t be instruct again. You’ll also extremity your Collection Reference Number – it’s 8 description long, with a mingle-mangle of initial and numbers, for example AB12345C.

Take solicitude to billet the faultless number, not the booking appeal or affair number. Make sure you wait enough to amass your tickets before your allure is due to liberty – you must not get on the train without them. Find out more about buying and deduce trail ballot.

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sgr booking contacts stations

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