Online Business Ideas in Kenya

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Overnight income.

Method 1: Make $100+ (ksh.10,000) A Day with Amazon + Social Media

This is what you will need to start an online business (ideas) in Kenya or any other Parts of the world.

  • An Amazon Associates account here
  • A Twitter Account here
  • A Facebook Account here
  • An Addmefast Account here

This method relies strongly on events or deals. With this method,you aren’t advertising just a single product or niche, but sales as a whole. It doesn’t really matter what the user buys, so finding a nicheor keywords is not necessary. You’re really just advertising a site. Amazon is only an example of the kind of sites you can use this for. Obviously Amazon isn’t always running deals, but the theory is the same.

Online Business Ideas in Kenya
Earn money while sleeping

Walmart, eBay,Newegg, are just a few example this method could work for.

To start: Find a savings event or site wide deal (i.e Black Friday,Christmas Shopping, Prime Day, etc.) and go put yourself in theconversation. For this method I will be using the example of PrimeDay since it’s already over.

To do this you will first need to rewrite an article about theevent/deal. You can use Newsand find a well-written article. If you can’t rewrite a short article then just spin it and make sure it doesn’t sound abnormal. This shouldn’t take more than 5-10 minutes.

I like to use Evernote to write and rewrite. Once you have your article rewritten head on over to Blogger and create a blog just for this event. Post the article and add related tags,use call to actions and insert your affiliate link no more than 4 times throughout the whole article (this includes picture links).

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Going on with Online Business Ideas in Kenya

If you’re wondering why just 4 it’s because we are using free hosting and you don’t want to raise suspicion. If you attach a custom domain I think it’s a little more flexible. You can also use Tumblr for this method. Add photos to your post. You don’t have to add a bunch even just 1 will do. You can attach your affiliate links to the pictures so that if someone clicks it they’ll go to the event. Remind them that thisevent/deal is only around for a limited time/perhaps even in the title of the article.

Make sure your blog looks nice. Find agood template if you’re using Blogger. Tumblr’s default them is fine. Now once your site is all set up and looks attractive we’re going to spread it across the internet. My advertising method consists of:

1. Post to Reddit. For example Prime Day had it’s own subreddit, Ialso posted to /r/deals. Don’t worry about replies.

2. Log into Addmefast and earn the minimum for the daily bonus.Use the points to have accounts spam your link with twitter post.

I hope somebody is not tired

And a lead in and related hashtags, like #primeday #deals (the more the better, you can also vary the comments and set a minimum number of twitter posts with certain text and hashtags). Shorten theURL if you didn’t buy a custom domain. You can also use amacrotogain points for Addmefast quickly.

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3. Post to Pinterest, be sure to use a lot of tags.

4. Start manually commenting on as many Google News articles as you can handle. This is where the Twitter/Facebook accounts come in handy because you can just sign-in to a lot of blogs to comment using these 2 websites (which means you don’t have to sign-up to the blog just to post). But sometimes you will need to sign up which is where mailinator comes in handy. You can sort by time andchoose the last hour but I noticed that commenting on the featured/popular articles gives quicker results (and some of these events/deals that you’re advertising are time sensitive, so every second counts).

Method 2: Make $10-$500 (Ksh.1,000-50,000) A Week With Classifieds.

What you’ll need?

  • Craigslist/Gumtree account
  1. Go to Amazon and find some 100+$ (Ksh.10,000) product (bigger commision).Items such as Xbox One,PS4 or expensive camera’s. (Use your common sense and search for relevant expensive items.) Take Affiliate link and put it in I use Bitly because you can free signup and track every clickon link.
  2. Register on classified website such as Craigslist or Gumtree and make ad, copy ad description (size, price, place, condition) from Amazon and on the end of the ad put something like this:”Hi, I posted my ex. Camera (or TV…) on Amazon because it is more secure to buy from there and you will get free shipping. Click on this link to buy it from Amazon: http:/″(or put Buy now button with link to Amazon)”
  3. Publish Ad.
  4. Your ad will get 20-30 views in 2-3 hours, and 100 more next 2Milkdays.
  5. Rinse and Repeat this, you can put any product, for me, bestitems are TV or Audio systems.
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Method 3: Make $1,000+ (Ksh.100,000) Monthly Selling SEO Services

What you’ll need for Online Business Ideas in Kenya?

  • eBay account
  1. Go to https://www.seoclerk. Command look for cheap SEO services. The plan is to use resell these services on eBay at an inflated price. This type of marketing is called arbitrage. Buy low sell high. This method however is very effective.
  2. Create a eBay listing just copy the image/description of the seoclerk gig you’re using and list it on eBay.
  3. Make as many listings as you’d like (more the better) and wait for the customers to order your services.
  4. BONUS: Start your own local “SEO” business. SEO is huge right now. Small business with websites need these services but don’t know where to start. You can provide your “Services” ; to these business and start making a boat loads of cash in a short time.

Simply by putting these methods into effect TODAY you can start
making easy online money like
never before.
I hope you enjoyed
giving the
Overnight Income system
a read. Now go out there and
put these methods into ACTION.

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