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Zora is a local drama series that airs on citizen tv weekdays from 7:30pm to 8 pm. Zora is a show that portrays different evils in the current society such as betrayal, deceit, falsehood, extra major affairs, fake love and infidelity.

Zora actors are some of the talented actors we have in kenyan. Today’s article we are going to feature actress Damaris Ketrai also known as loreta in zora show. Loretta portrays daughter tumsey chibalyshe’s also sister to Oscar and Oliver that is father to Madiba and Kwame currently on zora show Loretta has gone to Oliver’s mansion to confront her brother Oliver for neglecting their father who has just died, her brother Oliver is a rich politician while the other brother Oscar is poor and lives in the ghetto.

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Loretta’s real name is Damaris Ketrai she’s an actress, an mc, a model and a proud mother. It is not the first time for Damaris to appear on tv screens, the talented actress has appeared on tv shows such as daktari on ktn tv and aunty boss as mama Prince, Hulabaloo estate as police, Inspector Mwala show on on citizen tv, among others Damaris started acting at the age of 10 in sunday school, though she wanted to be a songwriter she started acting in 2009. Damaris is a digital content creator and an entrepreneur.

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