Wards in Laikipia County

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Laikipia county just at the equator in Great Riftvalley, with an area of 9,462 square kilometres which is among the smallest in Kenya. Before we focus on the wards in Laikipia county let’s know the meaning of Laikipia first.

List of Wards in laikipia county
Camels grazing in Nanyuki open fields

Treeless plain is the meaning of Laikipia in maasai language, one of the tribes in Kenya. This is a place where you can find different kinds of wild animals just moving freely.

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This is the list of wards in Laikipia County.

WardLocal Authority
BiasharaNanyuki Municipality
CentralNanyuki Municipality
HospitalNanyuki Municipality
MashambaNanyuki Municipality
NturukumaNanyuki Municipality
StadiumNanyuki Municipality
EthiLaikipia County
Ildigiri / IlpoleiLaikipia County
IlingwesiLaikipia County
LamuriaLaikipia County
MakurianLaikipia County
MukogodoLaikipia County
MumonyotLaikipia County
NaiborLaikipia County
NgobitLaikipia County
OloiborsoitLaikipia County
SegeraLaikipia County
SirmaLaikipia County
TigithiLaikipia County
UmandeLaikipia County

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