Kenya: I Praised Odinga in Kisumu to Survive Crowd, I Am in the Ballot – Wajackoyah

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Nairobi — Roots Party presidential candidate George Wajackoyah has affirmed that he is still on the ballot despite confusion that has arisen in the political outfit days to the general election.

Wajackoyah and his deputy Justina Wamae differed on the issue of who to endorse between Azimio La Umoja – One Kenya candidate Raila Odinga and Deputy President William Ruto who is vying on a United Democratic Alliance ticket.

The Roots Party presidential candidate maintained he was still in the ballot denying the endorsement of Odinga saying it was just a mere ‘praise’.

“I am on the ballot, Kenyans should vote in large numbers and anyone who wants to go to Raila or Ruto team in my team, the door is wide open,” he stated.

Questioned on why he was heaping praise on a presidential competitor, Wajakcoyah came out to say that it was an act of survival as he was campaigning in Kisumu which he termed as Odinga’s bed rock.

Wajackoyah claimed that he was in a ‘danger zone’ and in order to survive his advisors advised him to appease the crowd by heaping praise on Odinga who is hailed in the region.

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“Kisumu is a tough area to manage the DP was stoned there the first time. I was in a place where you can be killed anytime because those people know nobody apart From Raila Odinga,” he stated.

“The first time I said to escape stones, the second one I said it because it was the truth. I meant it because Raila has done good and Ruto has equally done good,” he said.