Kenya: Former CJ Willy Mutunga Warns of Poll Chaos in August Unless Serious Action Taken

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Nairobi — Former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga says “there is no evidence that the August polls will be peaceful, free and fair” unless authorities take serious action to restore the same.

Mutunga’s remarks come on the backdrop of a return of political violence in the country ahead of the hotly contested polls that are three months away.

Just last week, Azimio presidential candidate Raila Odinga was attacked and his chopper destroyed during a tour of Soy in Rift Valley, in what has sparked condemnations from across the political divide.

“Our elections are monetized and very ethnized and if we allow that to persist, we are going to violence and it has happened in the past,” Mutunga said during Capital FM’s John Sibi Okumu on Wednesday show that premiered this week.

This is a weekly, one-hour civic education radio programme that put “ideas over individuals” and, as a consequence, elucidation over confrontation.

Mutunga observed that “drums of war” are getting louder each passing day with no likely indications that there will be a peaceful election in the country, unless decisive action is taken.

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“Our Constitution clearly has provisions that allows us to hold peaceful election but we fail do so and end up holding them on the basis of ethnicity,” he said.

He decried that the state which ought to ensure that the polls are conducted in a peaceful and transparent space has been captured by “divisive forces”.