Kenya: Drama as Villagers, Drunkards Assault Officers for Arresting Chang’aa Brewer

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Nairobi — There was drama at a village in Trans-Nzoia county, after police officers who attempted to arrest a local chang’aa brewer during a raid were met with violence.

The police reported that when they arrived at the chang’aa den in Bwake village, the brewer raised an alarm attracting troops of drunkards and villagers who attacked them.

According to the police, the lady brewer screamed alerting the whole village of the presence of the unwelcome intruders.

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“Her proficiency in brewing the most potent local brew is unparalleled and Bwake villagers were willing to pay the ultimate price in protecting her, as the officers would later learn,” the DCI said.

The police said hell broke loose when they attempted to arrest the area’s chang’aa brewer.

“Before the Sergeant in-charge of the operation ordered his men to arrest the woman and her husband, a hail of stones and other projectiles came falling on the officers forcing them to retreat,” stated DCI.

The police said they had to fire several rounds in the air so as to scare the crowd, leaving two of them seriously injured and were referred to Kitale referral hospital for specialized treatment.

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