Kenya: Beware Scam Facebook Post Offering Kenya Power Jobs in Kapsabet

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A post on the public Facebook group “Kenya power and lighting company” offers jobs at the state-owned utility in Kapsabet, a town in the country’s North Rift county of Nandi.

Popularly known as Kenya Power, the Kenya Power and Lighting Company owns and operates most of the country’s electricity transmission and distribution system.

“Kplc kapsabet jobs available 0722763213,” the 28 July 2022 post reads.

Other posts in the group of more than 9,000 members include queries from customers experiencing trouble with electricity tokens, and offers such as on betting.

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The group’s “about” section reveals it was created on 26 June 2021 with the name “Electrical engineering”. Three days later, it changed its name to “Kenya power and lighting company”.

Is the group – and the job offer – legitimate?

Fake KPLC Facebook group

This is not the first time Kenya Power’s name has been used in scams, as Africa Check has found. The use of a mobile phone contact is a red flag, in addition to the rather lackadaisical way the apparent jobs are advertised, including liberal use of lowercase letters.

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And it’s unlikely that a blue-chip company would have a “group” on the platform. Most reputable firms have verified Facebook pages.

Kenya Power has an important role in the economy and is often in the public eye, employing thousands of workers. Jobs with it are coveted.

But these Kapsabet vacancies do not exist. Kenya Power has posted the job advert on Twitter, stamped “FAKE BEWARE OF FRAUDSTERS”.

The utility wrote: “Beware of Fraudsters: Kenya Power only advertises for jobs in our website, official verified social media accounts, or in the leading local dailies. Do not share your information with any other fake pages on any platform claiming to be Kenya Power.”

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Job-seekers are often the targets of online fraudsters. To help protect yourself against cons like this, see our guide to Facebook scans and how to spot them.

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