KeNHA to Revise Nairobi Expressway Toll Charges

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The Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) has revealed plans to revise toll charges imposed on motorists using the Nairobi Expressway ahead of its official commissioning.

The authority dismissed the toll charges making rounds, purportedly for the 27-kilometer road project running from Mlolongo to  to Waiyaki Way.

At the moment, KeNHA is engaging with different stakeholders to formulate charges that will be used on the Ksh65 billion project which will be announced during the launch.

Aerial view of Nairobi Expressway running from Mlolongo to Westlands

Aerial view of Nairobi Expressway running from Mlolongo to Westlands


The resolutions and recommendations arrived at after a stakeholders’ engagement forum will guide the entire pricing model for the road, which is expected to ease traffic along Mombasa Road and Waiyaki Way.

Previous reports indicated that motorists would be charged between Ksh100 and Ksh 300 depending on the distance covered and type of car. Further unsubstantiated reports also showed that motorists would be expected to folk Ksh12,000 a month to use the road, but KeNHA has dispelled all those reports.

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The project is inching closer to completion with most of the infrastructure already installed. The Nairobi Expressway will have 11 interchanges and 27 toll stations dotted along different sections of the elevated highway.

“Being a key road that is expected to decongest the city, the authority will inform the public in advance of the arrangements to open the road,” KeNHA informed the motorists.

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The tickets for the road will be obtained at the toll stations. Motorists will then be expected to keep the same ticket which will be scanned before exiting the road.

Each toll station will also have a toll attendant who will guide the motorists on the way forward once it is opened for the public.

Nairobi Expressway which was built under the public-private partnership model, was set to be opened in March but it more likely the time will be extended to give time for all the works to be completed.

Once opened, KeNHA will embark on the rehabilitation of Mombasa Road, Waiyaki Way and other road sections affected by the construction of Nairobi Expressway.

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However, China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC) will operate the road for a period of 27 years to recoup the money spent on its construction before handing it over to Kenya.

Motorbikes and three wheelers commonly known as Tuk Tuks will not be allowed on the double decker road, which is one of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s flagship projects.

Nairobi Expressway pillar covered with wall creeper plants.

Nairobi Expressway pillar covered with wall creeper plants.


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