John Pombe Magufuli Tribe, Bio: kabila la magufuli.
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John Pombe Magufuli Tribe, Bio: kabila la magufuli.


John Pombe Joseph Magufuli, a LUO Kenyan was brought into the world in 1959 as John Aruna Okong’o. It’s his playfellows who prefered to utilize the Kiswahili importance of Magufuli. His dad, a coxswain with the then East African Railways and Harbors and initially from Seme Kanyadwera in Kisumu County, resigned and got comfortable Tanzania, fixing locks [kifuli/vifuli], giving his child the third name, Magufuli. Individuals would allude to the dad as ” the latch repairer..A enormous area of Northern Tanzania/North Mara is involved by the Luo.

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The boundary isolates them from their Kenyan kinfolk, similar to the Kuria and Maasai. During the frontier time frame, numerous Luos got comfortable different pieces of Tanzania, fishing, working in the mines or with the EAHR like JPJM’s dad. They are spread past North Mara into Bunda, Magu, Geita, Buhongwa, Mwanza, Kamanga, Shinyanga and so forth In one of the new stories on Magufuli, I read that seniors from his Sukuma ethnic gathering had been brought to State House, Dar, to appeal to God for him.

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So would he say he was a Sukuma or a Luo? It resembles Wanga, a Luo from the Royal Luo Babito [Rabongo] who established the Baganda Kingdom, was received by the Luhya to build up the Wanga Kingdom in Mumias..True, Politically talking and even socially, joining was significant.

The historical backdrop of conspicuous individuals have exciting bends in the road. Wanga’s child, Matar, relocated with Owila [Uyoma], Wanga’s sibling, back to Louland to begin the Sakwa tribe from which Raila is slid. Nyerere’s mom was said to have been from the North Mara Luo where the late Owino Misiani the performer came from. She had “juogi” [spirits] which set her pondering before she got comfortable Zanake, Butiama, to bring forth Mwalimu Kambarage with Mzee Nyerere. It’s ideal to know this !!

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