Jimi Wanjigi: Why I Can’t Disclose My Wealth

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Billionaire businessman Jimi Wanjigi has revealed why he cannot disclose his net worth to the public despite being a presidential aspirant in the forthcoming polls.

In a TV interview on Monday, March 28, Wanjigi stated that he does not check his bank account balance explaining that it was a taboo for someone to count his wealth.

He cited the example of practices in some Kenyan communities where men are not allowed to count the heads of cattle or goats they own.

A section of the parking lot at Jimi Wanjigi's Muthaiga Home.

A section of the parking lot at Jimi Wanjigi’s Muthaiga Home.


Wanjigi, famed for his lavish lifestyle dotted with top-of-the-range cars, was responding to NTV’s Swalim Swaleh, who asked him to disclose his wealth for transparency, being a presidential aspirant.

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‘In our African society, a man who owns cows is not allowed to count the number of cattle he owns. It is a taboo. 

“Just in the same way, I do not look at my bank account balance to check how much money I have. I also do not look at the value of land that I own. That is a practice of western countries,” he explained.

However, he stated that the most important thing was that his family’s needs are well catered for.

“I am just an ordinary Kenyan. I have two children and as a family, they have a roof over their heads, food to eat. I account myself lucky as many people lack even food.

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“So let us not focus on how much money someone has rather on ways we can be able to assist those who lack,” he stated.

Additionally, the Safina party Presidential aspirant also spoke on his State House bid, refuting reports of a deal to drop his withdraw from the race in favour of Deputy President William Ruto.

He explained that they share the same political ideology insisting that they have not held talks with the United Democratic Alliance presidential aspirant after their NDC.

‘The DP invited me to his NDC. He is a friend and I also invited him to mine. There is no problem with that.

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‘We have not talked with him since that day. We have a common enemy as we both see that President Uhuru Kenyatta wants to extend his term in office.

Wanjigi added that he would be on the ballot expressing that he would win the presidency during the rerun. He explained that it would be impossible for any candidate to win in the first round.

Deputy President William Ruto and his delegation during a meeting with the US Assistant Secretary of African Affairs Molly Phee

Deputy President William Ruto and his delegation during a meeting with the US Assistant Secretary of African Affairs Molly Phee


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