How to pay for Viusasa Subscription Via Mpesa


Nowdays Viusasa has taken over Kenya, most of the people prefer watching a wide range of Kenyan drama episodes in viusasa, be it previous ones and the upcoming ones which has made Viusasa popular among Kenyans.

But first let us know what is viusasa.


How to pay Viusasa Via Mpesa
How to pay Viusasa Via Mpesa

Viusasa is a subscription video on demand service accessible through the Viusasa app. The service offers video, music and live tv channels.

For you to access VIUSASA, you simply have to:

  • Register (get a new account)
  • Pay or subscribe for any of the available packages.
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How to pay for Viusasa Subscription Via Mpesa

This is where you create a new Viusasa account using your mobile number as your account number. Once you enter your mobile no, Viusasa sends you a one time password (OTP) through an sms to your phone. You must enter this password to validate your account. Your account will not work without this onetime password (OTP).

  1. Create an Account using your phone number.
  2. You will get an OTP a one time password through an sms.
  3. Enter the password.
  4. Then wooow! You are done.
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After getting an account we are now in subscription. Whereby before you watch content on Viusasa you need to select either a daily, weekly or monthly package and pay. To make payment, you must have registered first as above. You can make payment using mpesa or bank credit or debit cards (visa or mastercard).

3. HOW TO PAY Viusasa Via Mpesa

If you are an android user, simply click on the ‘pay’ button on the viusasa app or website select a package of your choice and your mode of payment. Alternatively, you can go to your mpesa account and make payment directly using paybill no 724177 and your mobile number as your account number.

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If you are an iphone user, You can also make payment by selecting the pay button on or mpesa as above.

Once you have made the payment, your selected package is then activated for the applicable duration. Please note that your normal network data cost applies.

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