How to Cook Pilau with Pilau Masala: 9 Simple Ways

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We’ve gathered some of the easy steps on how to cook pilau with pilau masala: 9 Simple Ways

Ingredients on how to cook pilau with pilau masala: 9 Simple Ways

2 cups of Rice (extended texture rice/Basmati/Pishori)

1 revelry Green peas (facultative)

1/4Kg of cow/chicken breast (cubed)

2 Carrots (cubed)

1 Large onion (diced)

1 Large Green pelt/ pilipili hoho (diced)

1 ordinary sized tuber of Garlic (inclosure)

1 trivial piece of fresh spirit (pulverize)

Tomato by-past (450g)

Freshly dregs Pilau Masala/ Whole flavoring

Cooking oil as required

how to cook pilau with pilau masala: 9 Simple Ways
how to cook pilau with pilau masala: 9 Simple Ways

Clean Water Method

  1. Heat anoint in a fine pan, note exchange spirit and excite. Add in the meat (steer/chicken) and agitate continuously, note some salt and hide the result. Let the dinner fry in its own juice under fire heat to save the season. Add some little moisten and hinder it sous-chef tare it’s tender.
  2. Take a larger cooking pan/sufuria and heated some smear (ensure it is sufficient to prevent sticking). Add your diced onions and sauté frizzle until they seem flimsy, note in your pounded spirit and garlic mingling and agitate for a few moment. Once your garlic originate to transform brownish it’s good to go.
  3. Stir in the diced young pelt. in the diced carrots and boiled inexperienced peas
  4. Add the tomato paste into the admixture (utility a teaspoon or two of extend to dissolve the bygone)
  5. Add 3 tablespoons of pilau masala into the mixture
  6. Add the flesh, smack to savor and some brief aquatic and cover the pan. Let the dinner cordon bleu for circularly 3 record.
  7. Once you meat has sunk all the sprinkling, unite in your 2 cupful of rice(washed) and 4 portion of vehement moiré.
  8. Cover the pan and let your pilau cordon bleu under medium heated until all the weaken has evaporated. Ensure you rouse it oftenly to prevent the rice from sticking at the bottom of the cookie sheet, keep govern the heat to ensure your pilau doesn’t sear.
  9. Your pilau is now ready! Serve with kachumbari , pilipili ya kukaanga or any other seethe as desired. Enjoy!!! I made greens pilau and served it with Kachumbari.
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