How to ask a girl out on a date. Top 5 life hacks

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When you really like a girl and want to ask her out on a date you always face some difficulties, like fear of failure, uncertainty, indecision. We’ve made a list of top 5 life hacks to overcome all your fears and finally ask your crush out.

How to ask a girl out on a date. Top 5 life hacks
How to ask a girl out on a date. Top 5 life hacks

This is how to ask a girl out on a date. Top 5 life hacks

1. ”3 YES” Rule

People involved in marketing and sales should know this technique very well. It is quite often used during personal negotiations and sales over the phone. When you want somebody to agree with your suggestion you need to ask at least 3 questions. And you should be 100% confident you will receive positive answers. It is mentally much easier for person to agree upon your offer when he/she said “yes” 3 times before.

For example, if you know that she likes opera and classical music you can ask 3 consecutive questions, like “Hey, I think you mentioned before you like classical music, right?”. “And you also said you like our local opera?”. “Do you like Beethoven?”. When she answers 3 times “yes” go ahead and offer her a date.

2. Let Coffee do its Magic

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Coffee helped plenty of couples. It’s so easy yet powerful. You can bring her coffee to her job if you are colleagues. Or you can invite her to a coffee house to discuss your new project. If she is from your college it works great as well.

There is something magical when you drink coffee together. It breaks all the barriers between you and you can have a nice talk. Here are the best 1st date conversation topics. Use them when you are tete-a-tete with your crush.

3. Prepare in Advance

If she does not know about your feelings it would be wise to get ready in advance. Try to find out what does she do for living, what she likes to do during her free time, what are her hobbies or what are her views on life. It will give you a better idea about her and how to ask her out on a date correctly.

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But don’t play spy games. You can easily scare her away. Try to do it gently and in natural way. usually it’s quite easy if you communicate or if you have common friends. Moreover, in the 21st century everybody has social media accounts. Therefore just looking at Instagram or Facebook you can tell a lot about the person.

4. Her Hobby is Your Weapon

If she has a hobby that she really likes, go ahead and use it for your first date. If she likes sports, painting, traveling or writing try to offer her a date related to her favourite things. If she is a big fan of a local sports team you know what to do.

If you know that she loves Japanese cuisine just offer her to go to a Seafood restaurant.

5. Pets is the Key

Another magical thing is pets. The real life hack is when you both own dogs. In this case it’s super easy to ask her out. Just offer her to walk the dogs together. Moreover, if you have a truck you can take both dogs outside the city.

However, if you know she likes pets but don’t have them yet, you can offer her to check the pictures of your’s. Or even take her to the local pet shelter. these cute guys will melt any heart.


Wrap Up

Asking a girl out may be exciting and scary at the same time. You really like her and imagine how you spend time together. However, you are afraid that you can scare her away.

So, pick the right moment when it is now crowded around and she is in a good mood and offer her a date. Obviously, there are situation that do not depend on us. Even if you are the best guy in the world she may refuse. If this happens we should not accept rejections personally. It may be because she is not ready, busy or seeing someone else. Try later or move on. You have no time to regret.

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