How Much is Bride Price in Kenya

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See how much is bride price in kenya

Dowry in my some communities in Kenya, is an art of negotiation, sort of like the haggling that you’d do in a bazaar market. The Negotiations are meant to be a measure of compromise and communication within reasonable means and undertanding for both sides of the families.

The Bride price depends with the parents of the intended wife, since most of them have different calculations and opinions on how the bride price should be paid.

There are some who can even request for a bride price that could be equivalent to that of her daughter’s education since baby class to University. To make the matters worse, is if the lady studied abroad in an advanced University, it would be much expensive. That’s how most of Kikuyu’s do a tribe in Kenya.

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How Much is Bride Price in Kenya
How Much is Bride Price in Kenya

Most of the parents would not allow you to bargain after them setting the price. A parent would have invested alot in his daughter’s education for going other businesses that he could have opened with the money, so he is just requesting compesation.

Normally the patriachal dowry negotiations which could have been perfomed by elderly uncles and relatives is no more, so the task is mostly left for the head of the house, he is the one to make final decision with no bargaining power from the other side.

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Dowry price in Kenya can’t just be a fixed, you need to bear in your mind that Kenya is comprised with many different tribes and communities and they have their own policies to be followed for the dowry process.

Bride price in kenya effects in marriage.

Some families are very unreasonable and will ask for big amounts of cash in the form of dowry. Unfortunately, this sets a noxious precedent for couples married life, as resentment and conflicts may quickly build up in no time.

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Positive bride price decision making can mark a great start to a couple’s family life and relatives relations.

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