Exposed: 5 Hacks Used by Students to Buy a University Degree

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Here is what students do in modern world it’s popularly known as “shortcut to your career dreams” and these are the top 5 Hacks Used by Students to Buy a University Degree

These days it has become difficult to determine the authenticity of a degree certificate. Most employers no longer request for documents and instead are requiring potential employees to demonstrate their skills. Such has made internship, and on-the-job training has become popular. The certificate black market has become sophisticated, and it is easy to buy a certificate now than ever before. Moreover, students that are in the program are cheating their way to graduation by buying assignment essays and earning grades without even knowing the course content. Here are five tricks students are using to buy university degrees

5 Hacks Used by Students to Buy a University Degree
5 Hacks Used by Students to Buy a University Degree

Using the Dark Web Students a using the dack web to buy fake university degree certificates. The dark web is famous for selling almost everything. It is also a place where students go to buy a university degree. Because most employers do not verify with the issuing institution, the chance of being caught is low. This method is used by students who have been discontinued, yet they have basic knowledge in the area of study. Most common bought degrees certificates are in humanities and business.

Compromising the system As long as we would like to imagine that educational achievement is purely on merits, there is always an element of favor. It is common for ladies from male instructors, where personal interest overshadows professional ethics. In some instances, they have been referred as sexually transmitted grades (STGs). There are cases where lectures have demanded sex in exchange for credits. Am not sure how many you will need to lay to get a degree.

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Using buy essay writing services Essay writing is widespread in the United States, UK, and Europe. It is evident with thousands of online companies where students can buy essays. Often students provide instructions, and the company hires a writer to complete the task. Buying essay has become so convenient such that students do not need to attend classes. All that is required is to get the instructions for your next assignment and buy an essay online for a few dollars.

5 Hacks Used by Students to Buy a University Degree
5 Hacks Used by Students to Buy a University Degree

Hire a tutor for the online class It is now apparent that students are registering for an online degree program and not attempt even a single assignment or yet read. Students pay university fee and pay a tutor, mostly from developing countries to take the course. The tutor is in charge of all assignments, communications, discussions, and group activities. This is made possible because all coursework is done online. The student pays the tutor for assignment completed and waits for the graduation date. It seems expensive, but the student uses only a small fraction of daily earning to pay the tutor.

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5 Hacks Used by Students to Buy a University Degree

Buying a dissertation and thesis Dissertation and thesis are an essential part of earning a degree. To some disciplines they are a preserve for masters and Ph.D. students. But some degrees students are required to do undergraduate research. There is a general perception that dissertations are an uphill task and professors are mean. But the truth is the exact opposite. Most supervisors are supportive and mentor the students throughout the process. However, dissertation writing is time-consuming; it requires a high level of commitment to complete it on time and get in the graduation list. Due to the perception mentioned above, a good number of students tend to buy dissertation online.

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There are no justifications for buying a degree or some aspects of your degree. It is unethical and should be punished. However, as a society, we need to address the root course of the problem and understand that unless we sort out the issue, the degree certificate paper cannot be used to determine the authenticity of the certificate.

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