National Secondary Schools fee structure in Kenya, 2021

SCHOOL NAME CODE TYPE APPROXIMATE FEE PER YEAR COUNTY Asumbi Girls 41700004 Girls boarding 75798 Homa Bay Bunyore Girls High 38600003 Girls boarding 75798 Vihiga Bura Girls 1100004 Girls boarding 75798 Taita Taveta Chogoria Girls 19300004 Girls boarding 75798 Tharaka Nithi Friends School Kamusinga 36600004 Boys boarding 75798 Vihiga Garissa High 45800001 Boys boarding 75798 […]

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Complete Children’s Health : Why is it important?

Here is Why Complete children’s health is important in our society. Grown-ups who were breastfed as children frequently have lower pulse, lower cholesterol, lower paces of overweight and heftiness, and type 2 diabetes. Breastfeeding adds to the wellbeing and prosperity of the mother and can lessen the danger of bosom and ovarian diseases.For youngsters and […]