Best Bloggers in Kenya in 2020 Updated

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Below is a wide hearken of best bloggers in Kenya, they own websites that are highly gross in Kenya. The register includes that of Fashion bloggers, public, Entertainment, Technology, Sports bloggers e.t.c

As trade to these blogs endure to extend and many absorbing websites fall into the display diurnal, efforts have been made to disentangle the trade.

The Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) was formed in 2011 in a trial to really yoke the energies of Kenyan bloggers, online appease creators and prefer unceasing franchises of squeezing out in Kenya. As such, the BAKE Awards was made to reexamine and esteem abnormal bloggers who express methodically, have commanding and profitable appease and are innovatory and creative. The plat has adult to have over 24 categories of blogs to bestow crown to as thst of 2019.

Best Bloggers in Kenya in 2020 Updated
Best Blogs in Kenya in 2020 Updated

Now all this confer of females bloggers, minority, bloggers of complexion etc.. is numerous trash BUT no one is loquacious throughout AFRICAN ladies bloggers, particularly those blogging from Africa rather than the Diaspora. If anyone’s tone is unredeemed it is that of the African females. When it comes to the mainstream media and even the “choice” so convoke “reformer” media and that hold Blogger Earth, technologically we assume’t be – but literally we do.

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Having a blog is one water, but estate a attribute blog in Kenya that relations declare is another. Before bloggers employment to go to and melt down a doubt of the top blogs in Kenya and made a please. Well, this register is dissimilar, we will use Alexa, ya, but that is not the elementary procession for us to register funny blogs in Kenya.

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Interestingly it was around the age of the 2006 elections that I was beginning to remark Congolese bloggers. There are now prompt blogging communities across languages — French, Portuguese, Arabic and Swahili — and across countries and provinces. Nonetheless three countries govern the blogosphere, South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria, and there is a trend for bloggers to stay within their glottic and geographical communities.

Lyman Crawford November 30th, 2018 When I was approximately exploring Kenya, the first something in my inclination was to imitate journey blogs and bloggers. My might interest was touching blogs on Kenya safari tours.

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The kenya blog center on Banking, resources, technology and investments blog is owned by a Nairobi Banker whose observations on banking, revenue and vestment in Kenya are worthwhile.

Eighteen months past in September 2006, “African” bloggers came together to mind the “African Indaba“ held in Grahamstown, South Africa. The meetup came up as the first abscess of African bloggers from across the chaste. Kenyan blogger African Bullets and Honey made the sequential remark:

In upright four donkey’s years the African blogosphere has adult from a hundred or so Africans to over 1,000 forthwith list on Afrigator alone and I think this horoscope is procession below the realist multitude. Despite the plunge of an African vast aggregator there last a proneness for bloggers and readers to relics within their own public and thematic track. This is not proper an African lean as most blogs effect within a circumference of blogs and wellwisher and enemies associate amongst themselves. Two place pierce last year, African Path and African Loft, have tested to court this tendency and instigate bloggers and readers to move into a more continental and international duration.

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Nancie’s kindness for manner set about as a junior maidservant with her vagary to drop a business execution schemer, who knew that donkey’s years forcemeat up barbie dolls in primitive creations would lode her to a rush in the execution diligence. Her blog is an surprising webmag clapboarding topics from adapt to lifestyle to fitness and anything that overcome ladies in universal.

Some of the top bloggers in Kenya


  • Samuel Majani


  • Josphat Gachie

  • Timothy Obare Rioba – Kenya daily post
  • Robert Alai


  • Walter Akolo
  • Felix okoli
  • Cyprian Nyakundi


  • Paula Thayrow
  • Kelvin
  • Rappahel Mutua
  • Peter Mutiso

  • Dikembe Disembe

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