8 important lockdown guidelines that you must know in Kenya

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Owing to the still-active Covid-19 or Coronavirus disease pandemic, the Kenyan government has taken further measures as the 8 important lockdown guidelines that you must know in Kenya.

. On the 6th of June, The President decided to extend the Lockdown, till July 6th. According to the report that they put out, there are some restrictions and precautions that are compulsory to follow. While the essential services are still ongoing, people cannot go to educational institutions, movie halls, public events, etc. Not to mention, some of the previously prohibited factors have received leniency, like inter-state travel. In fact, the Center has put many guidelines in place for the effective commencement of the Lockdown.

8 important lockdown guidelines that you must know in Kenya

Zonal Divisions

According to the guidelines, each region in the country will undergo division into zones based on the severity of the infection. Consequently, places with most contamination fall under red, the least affected under green, and the intermediate ones under yellow zones. While this is applicable to the entire country, the allocation of these zones comes under the states’ discretion.

Availability of essential commodities

In every city, people receive the most important products including food essentials and health-care-related articles. Though, people buy them from malls and convenience stores, and they must maintain safe distancing in local shops. Furthermore, shops selling liquor are also closed countrywide . Thereby, special delivery services are available for all commodities, with higher restrictions in the red zones.

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Certain services are available

Essential services like medical and related aid are present in the cities, albeit in moderation. Indeed, other services like restaurants are also available in the cities. These items are prepared under a controlled environment, and a home delivery system is available.


8 important lockdown guidelines that you must know in Kenya

Certainly, gatherings of any kind are not acceptable under the Kenyan Lockdown guidelines. In the case of activities like funerals, the maximum amount of people that can attend is 15.

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Night Curfew

The previously issued curfews are still very active, with movement restrictions put in place at 9 PM every day. However, this varies according to the Counties and the confinement zones that are present under their control.

Office work

Social distancing is still applicable to such factors in many professional fields. Furthermore, they need to wear face masks at all times. Moreover, most of the office-related tasks are adopting a work-from-home policy, while some are under complete hiatus.

Travel limitations

In the Lockdown, the Ministry of transport has given permission for transport between counties except the once affected by high numbers of covid 19 infections. Travel via airplanes, railways, etc., is not allowed until further notice. However, those with official approval are still in practice in many states. Public transport, too, can work, but there are some rules in place according to the Counties.

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Vulnerable members of society

To put it simply, the pregnant ladies, senior citizens, and young children are most at risk of contaminating Covid-19. Thus, it is advisable for them to not leave their homes, unless in medical emergencies.

How will the economy grow after COVID-19 Lockdown?

8 important lockdown guidelines that you must know in Kenya
8 important lockdown guidelines that you must know in Kenya

Along with the above guidelines the govt has also given many reforms for the MSME sector.

While these measures are set on a nation-wide range, certain variations are present in the different regions. Furthermore, the containment zones also determine which services and rules are applicable to them more. Irrespective of these conditions, the Center advises the citizens to maintain social distancing in every situation for a faster recovery.

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