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Components of successful Corporate Event Production

Essential components of succesful corporate event production Whether it’s a conference or a concert, there are plenty of technical aspects to running an event that need to be prepared before anyone ever graces the stage. It doesn’t appear by magic. So for assistance with audio event production in Nairobi and elsewhere, here are some tips … Read more

Types of Trucks used in Logistics

This are the Types of Trucks used in Logistics There are different types of trucks that are used for a variety of purposes. Some trucks are mainly used in farming and agriculture, while other vehicles of this type are used for construction purposes only. There are also such trucks that can be considered universal and, … Read more

How Much is Bride Price in Kenya

See how much is bride price in kenya Dowry in my some communities in Kenya, is an art of negotiation, sort of like the haggling that you’d do in a bazaar market. The Negotiations are meant to be a measure of compromise and communication within reasonable means and undertanding for both sides of the families. … Read more

NFL Player Gale Sayers Net Worth

Mr Gale Sayers was born in Wichita in Kansas. He was born on May 30th, 1943. As he was growing up in a place known as Omaha in Nebraska, He loved playing football with his fellow younger friends in his town. While in High School he managed to break a state record in long jump … Read more

How to Cook Pilau with Pilau Masala: 9 Simple Ways

We’ve gathered some of the easy steps on how to cook pilau with pilau masala: 9 Simple Ways Ingredients on how to cook pilau with pilau masala: 9 Simple Ways 2 cups of Rice (extended texture rice/Basmati/Pishori) 1 revelry Green peas (facultative) 1/4Kg of cow/chicken breast (cubed) 2 Carrots (cubed) 1 Large onion (diced) 1 … Read more

Taylor Swift Height: How tall is she?

Get to know Taylor Swift Height today How tall is Taylor Swift? Taylor Alison Swift was born in 1989, Taylor is an American singer and songwriter who has impressed many in her deeds and appearances blessings to her glamorous height that stand at 5’10” Taylor Swift’s tall body is back by powerful bow which makes … Read more

Randi Chaverria Married to Eric Chaverria, Facts

The background of Randi Chaverria Married To Eric Chaverria. Randi Chaverria is a former high school teacher in Texas (USA) who was accused of inappropriate sexual relationship with a student. In a miraculous twist of exigency, she involved in sexual terminal with a boy in Round Rock High School, end at least doubly entrails her … Read more

Yamilet Ayala González Bio and Net Worth

Amazing Facts about Yamilet Ayala González Bio and Net Worth Yamilet Ayala González, who was born in the US aged 26 years in 2020, Is the daughter to Ramón Luis Ayala also known as Daddy Yankee who became popular as a song writer, actor, rapper and a singer not forgetting he is also a producer, … Read more

Jessica Ditzel Instagram, Joe Rogan’s Wife

Facts about Jessica Ditzel Instagram, Joe Rogan’s Wife Jessica Ditzel is a former American fork and TV host. She is given as Joe Rogan’s mom, an American standup comic, former MMA pugilist and a UFC expositor. As for Jessica Ditzel, who is also the same hypostasis as Jessica Rogan, the epidemic saying of “Behind a good people a fair performance hard behind him” can not be forgotten. Jessica became conspicuous after they both gotta united in a personal marriage in 2009 for … Read more